Color Conformance made easy

  • Build 3-7 color profiles for your print device
  • Build calibration curves for your print device
  • Assess print device ICC profile
  • Assess conformance of proofs and prints
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Quick & Easy

Few clicks to match industry print standards
Step 1Measure ColorMeasure directly or import the measurement of calibration strip or profiling chart.
Step 2Choose your targetYou can choose to match any ISO 12647, G7® or custom proof and print standard.
Step 3Build Curves & ProfileBuild accurate press curves or print device ICC profile using Alwan's awarded technologies.
Step 4Assess Color ConformanceMake sure that your profile does the job and that your proof and print conform to your chosen target.

Build ICC Profile

Build accurate 3-7 color ICC profiles with Alwan's Hydra® spectral technology:
  • Print & Measure charts with very small number of patches
  • Unique spectral profiling technology for accurate colors and vibrant images
  • Simplified profile building process with easy step-by-step guidelines
Generate profile preview

Build Curves

Build accurate ISO and G7® curves with Alwan's Smart calibration technology:
  • Print & Measure ISO or G7® compliant control strip
  • Unique Smart calibration technology for accurate and stable colors on press
  • Simplified curve building process with easy step-by-step guidelines
Generate curves preview

Profile Viewer

Assess your ICC profile and compare it with a reference profile:
  • Load your ICC profile and visualize its gamut in 3D
  • Display profile data graphically and numerically for advanced analysis
  • Check colorimetry, TVI, TRC & G7® Gray balance curves
Analyse profile preview

Conformance Assessment

Assess proof and print conformance according to ISO and G7® standards:
  • Choose your reference printing conditions
  • Import / measure one or several control strips
  • Get a Pass / Fail with a score on screen and detailed PDF report
Measure preview

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